Please, Help Save My Home in Thousand Oaks from Foreclosure!

Ever since the economic recession, foreclosures have essentially swept the nation. While the country is now in a better economic position than it was before, mortgage payments still plague people throughout the state of California.

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “I’m experiencing foreclosure right now. Maybe a lawyer can save my home in an instant!” While you should take immediate legal action to resolve your foreclosure situation, this process requires time and planning. Read on to learn more about the foreclosure process.

Top Reasons Foreclosures Happen

Foreclosures occur for a number of reasons. Generally speaking, they stem from poor money decisions, to which lending companies contribute in some cases. For example, there are predatory lenders who offer mortgage arrangements that are simply unfeasible for their financially unstable loan recipients. As a result, they get behind in their loan payments and enter foreclosure. In other cases, a homeowner can afford the mortgage payment. However, they choose to make poor money and spending decisions that render them incapable of making payments on time.

Sometimes, a sudden shift in economic status accounts for foreclosure. An individual can go from making a six figure salary to virtually nothing after being laid off, or having a sudden interruption in employment.

Now that you know the most common reasons for foreclosure, you can learn more about resolving the issue.

Saving Your Home

Countless people in the Southern California area are probably thinking “Save my home in Thousand Oaks!” Like these individuals, you may have received an intimidating notice of some sort, alerting you that your home will be subject to foreclosure if you do not pay your defaulted mortgage payments.

Perhaps a loan modification did not help you in the past. Or, maybe you were denied the option of a loan modification. In either case, foreclosure is a systematic process that occurs in a series of steps, of which you should be keenly aware and familiar.

Regardless of where you are in the foreclosure process, you should speak to a lawyer or attorney who specializes in this. A lawyer who focuses on this field can do a number of things to assist the situation:

1. They can analyze the loan documents to determine if your lender violated your rights or policy.

2. They can initiate a lawsuit against the lender and grant you a loan modification.

These are just a couple benefits of having a foreclosure attorney. However, you have to contact them before your home is completely auctioned off and sold. Prior to this, you may face the process of eviction, which can be assisted by a sheriff in severe cases.

Why You Should Start Now

Now, you’re probably thinking, “A lawyer can only save my home in the right conditions, at the right time? What if it’s too late?” It is better to contact a lawyer and navigate this complex legal process now than never.

If you do not contact a lawyer soon enough, you will face the inevitable likelihood of being evicted, or forced to move out by a sheriff in some cases. Furthermore, in the worst case scenario, your home will be sold against your will.

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