Plastic Injection Molding Companies: Ensuring Consistent Quality

Many industries rely on injection molding to reproduce parts for their products. It is currently the most common method employed to produce plastic components. Plastic injection molding companies strive hard to succeed in what is a highly competitive market. If they want to remain successful, it is essential they meet the demands of their customers. They must be able to deliver components that exhibit the specific dimensional tolerances and other requirements of their customers. They need to be able to provide consistent quality.

Maintaining High Standards of Quality

Consistency and quality are essential characteristics of any company seeking to be successful. When it comes to plastic injection molding companies must work determinedly to ensure all products leaving the plant, conform to high levels of these characteristics. To accomplish, this they have to focus on certain aspects of the process. Among the major areas of concern are:

• Humidity
• The temperature of the plant
• The quality of the materials including polymers and resins
• The capabilities of the molding machines utilized including accuracy and repeatability
• Potential risks for molding defects and how to minimize them

Just as important, if not more so, is having in place a quality check program that ensures the product is of the highest standards from its initial conception through all aspects of the process. Individuals in this department utilize various equipment during their quality inspections, e.g., calipers, part specific fixtures, gauge pins, and micrometers, to confirm the replicated components meet the requisite tolerances and quality.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Plastic injection molding is one means of mass production of components. The resulting mold is capable of reproducing a component infinitely. Reliable plastic injection molding companies possess the right qualifications to ensure the characteristics of reliable replications and quality are synonymous with their outputs. Their quality control engineers and inspectors offer assurances of tight integration of secure measures from the initial design process through to production and any secondary process that follows.

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