Plasma Rope – A Strong and Dependable Alternative to Wire Rope

Plasma rope is a type of rope manufactured from High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibers that offers a safe and manageable alternative to the wire rope. The re-enforced fibers in this rope can be effectively used in place of many other wires such as winch wires, glider wires, and boat winches. It is one of the strongest ropes for its weight on the market and offers versatile and safe uses for a variety of applications.

Although steel wire rope is commonly used across the board in applications such as winches and lifts, due to its strength and flexibility to get the job done, rope made of synthetic fibers can serve as another option for these applications.

Much like wire rope, synthetic rope offers durability, top strength and the proper flex for the task at hand, whether it involves heavy lifting, pulling, or any other application requiring a rope mimicking the strength of steel.

What is Synthetic Fiber Rope?

Synthetic HMPE fibers are braided together and reinforced to create a high-strength and lightweight rope. Plasma rope can be supplied with various types of finish to suit a number of applications.

Whether it’s for utility winch lines, rope slings or for use in lifting slings, synthetic rope provides a durable and dependable product to complete the job.

What are the Benefits of Using Synthetic Fiber Rope?

This type of rope is a very lightweight and compact product. It is more resistant to kinks, stretching, and curling than other products, making it easy to store and more convenient to handle.

This rope can be repaired easily through splicing and is also easy to inspect. This means that any damage or wear to the rope can be found upon on-site inspection and then repaired before any investment in the new rope is made or before the wear becomes a safety concern.

Plasma rope is also a safe option to use due to its minimal snap back when it is broken under tension. This means that serious injury to those in the vicinity of the recoil can be prevented.

A weaker recoil also means a lower possibility of damage to the lifting hardware or rigging that can occur when a rope or wire breakage occurs, helping to save on equipment costs.

Additional Benefits of Using Plasma Rope

  • Low Stretch – can withstand heavy weight and tension, while maintaining its original length, in most cases
  • Resistance to the elements – can withstand UV degradation, chemical exposure, wet, dry, and humid conditions to ensure reliable performance
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