Planning Your Next Tune Up For Your New Jersey Vehicle

Taking care of a vehicle is surprisingly easy, particularly if you live in or around New Jersey. The choice of garages means that major repairs are easy to schedule, while for regular maintenance and minor types of vehicle repairs, mobile mechanics and technicians can be scheduled to complete the work at your home or office.

There are different types of tune ups for any vehicle. Most of the best services in New Jersey will provide full information to car owners as to what will be included as part of the service. Ideally, look carefully at the services provided by any New Jersey mobile service or garage to make sure they are able to offer the specific services required by your vehicle.

It is important to think of a tune up as preventative maintenance on your car. The vehicle manufacturer will recommend specific times and tasks that will be based on the number of miles on the vehicle. The tune ups of today are not the same as with older vehicles, as the diagnostic computers onboard the vehicle will let drivers know when specific components need servicing.

Air Filters

There are engine air filters as well as cabin air filters in a car. The engine air filter, if it becomes clogged with dirt, dust, debris and even pollen, can limit the airflow into the engine. This, in turn, results in a dramatic drop in fuel mileage and engine performance.

Oil Change

For top performance and protection for your engine, your next tune up should include a full synthetic oil change. If you are still using conventional oil, you may be putting your engine at risk, particularly for older vehicles, vehicle driven mainly in the city or vehicles with a lot of short trips and lots of stops and starts.

Additionally, talk to the mechanic or auto technician if you are concerned about the brakes, the coolant or any other component of the vehicle.

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