Planning Your New Pet’s Veterinary Visit

If you have recently brought home a new pet you’ll want to think about vet visits. Your local veterinary hospital or veterinary clinic can help you with a variety of areas.


Every new pet should get a check-up, even if they seem completely healthy to you. Pets who have health problems may not show it. And a check-up can also help with extras that your vet can advise on, such as feeding guidelines, dietary advice, as well as for scheduling future visits for vaccinations, spaying or neutering, or other issues. At the check-up your veterinary hospital staff members can also help advise on issues such as parasite protection (fleas, ticks, worms, etc.)


Vaccinations are the best defense against common pet illnesses. Even if your pet is a predominantly indoor pet, vaccinations can help you ensure that common but deadly pet illnesses do not strike.

Spaying / Neutering
Spaying and neutering can be discussed at a check-up after getting your pet. Your vet can advise on the optimum timing as well as provide you with a quote.


Do you have concerns about your pet? Your vet can help address those concerns. Even behavioral issues should be discussed with your vet, particularly if there have been recent changes as the vet may be able to link a behavioral problem to a medical problem (i.e.: pain causes changes in your pet’s personality).

Extras Offered at Holistic Veterinary Hospitals

Not all veterinary hospitals offer the exact same suite of services. Some are more holistic focused and will offer extras that might surprise you. When you choose to meet with a new vet for a check-up for your new pet this is a great opportunity to learn more about their offerings so that you can find out about complementary medicine for your pet as well as help you determine whether or not a particular vet seems suited to the needs of you and your pet.

Responsible pet ownership includes investing in veterinary services. Whether you have a new pet that has had a recent check-up or not, it’s wise to set up a veterinary hospital or clinic appointment as soon as possible so that you’ve established a relationship in case your pet suddenly needs medical help.

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