Planning for a Memorial Service to Be Held After Cremation Services In Fairfield OH

When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, this leaves the family in a state of shock and grief while also having to make decisions about practical matters. They may find it difficult to think clearly enough to start planning a funeral or memorial service, yet initial steps must be taken. Funeral directors providing burial and Cremation Services In Fairfield OH are ready to assist during this extremely difficult time.

Planning the Ceremony

More than ever before, families are deciding to have a memorial service instead of a funeral after Cremation Services In Fairfield OH have been completed. They may have been to some memorial services and prefer the less formal atmosphere. Now they must start planning for a farewell ceremony for their loved one, and they get together to think of some ideas.

A Speaker and Music

Even without the formalities of a funeral with a casket and visitation, a clergy member still can be asked to speak, either at the church or the funeral home. The family can have music of their choice too.

Photo Boards and Mementos

Photo boards have become standard at both memorial services and funerals. Other mementos that are connected with the deceased person can be displayed on tables or bulletin boards. The family might want to acknowledge the person’s military service, for instance, or a hobby this individual was passionate about.

Guest Books and Leaflets

Having a guest book for attendees to sign is standard. The family will want to know who brought cards and be able to send thank-you notes to people who gave money or sent flowers. The guest book provides the addresses. This registration book, along with service programs and memorial cards and leaflets, can be ordered from a funeral home such as Spring Grove Cremation Society when making the other arrangements.

Sharing Food

Sharing food after the service is traditional, and those attending typically expect this kind of gathering afterward. It’s not required, but it gives everyone a chance to spend time in companionship and further emotional support for the bereaved family members and close friends. The food provided might be as simple as some cookies and coffee, or it might be a variety of sandwiches with dessert.

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