Picking The Right Business Broker To Sell Your Coffee Shop

If you have a coffee shop for sale in Seattle, you understand already how competitive the business is. No matter how many are on the market, or how tough the business is to operate, you need to make certain that yours is the business that sells. Part of creating this type of advantage for you is to find and hire the right business broker.

Where to Look

Chances are you know someone who has sold their café or coffee shop business recently. They may be able to provide you with a name or names from which to select the right business broker for the job. At the same time, you need to be thorough. Do not opt for the individual or company simply because they successfully sold this one business. It is important that you research the company or person. You need to make certain they have the right credentials for the task ahead.

Another option is to go online. Look up companies, read their credentials and find testimonials or references. Contact the references to make sure they are valid. Follow this up by checking with associations and financial advisers who may recognize the business broker from past dealings. A financial advisor may be able to provide you with other suggestions on the right business broker. They have worked with several in the past and may have a favorite or two you can add to your list.

One further suggestion is to get in touch with the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). The IBBA can direct you to one of their members operating in Seattle. As a professional association, their mandate is to work with business brokers to maintain specific high standards of quality. Their members must apply this no matter whether they are handling a multi-million dollar international corporation or your small coffee shop for sale.

The Right Stuff

Once you have a list, you can work on determining the right broker to help you in finding a qualified buyer for your coffee shop for sale. The business broker needs to:

  • Be experienced
  • Possess the right qualifications
  • Have some expertise in selling food related businesses such as restaurants, cafés and coffee shops
  • Have a successful track record
  • Have a strategic plan
  • Know how to promote

You need to find out how each candidate for selling your café rates. You can then eliminate those who do not match your basic criteria.

Coffee Shop for Sale

Your business has probably provided you with your livelihood. It is now up to you to make certain you obtain what it is currently worth. While you may never adequately recover all the blood, sweat and tears you put into it, the right business broker can make sure you get a good price quickly when he puts your coffee shop for sale in Seattle.

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