Picking Out Jewelry In Clifton NJ

When someone wishes to ask their significant other to marry them, they will most likely want to have an engagement ring on hand during the process. Giving an engagement ring symbolizes having a relationship without an ending, making it a big part of the process of asking.

When picking out jewelry in Clifton NJ to use for the engagement, there are a few things to thing about beforehand. Before purchasing a ring, the size of the person’s finger should be known. This may be tricky without asking them. Try finding another ring they wear regularly on the ring finger of one of their hands and trace the interior of the ring onto a piece of paper. Bring this to the jeweler and they will be able to help you get a size close to the size they will need. If it is too big, an insert can be used until they can have the ring re-sized professionally. If it is too small, it can be placed on a stretching machine so it will fit properly.

The band can be gold, platinum, silver or white gold. This is a personal preference. Observe what colors the person getting the ring regularly wears. Chances are they would like a ring in the same tone as they feel it looks good against their skin color.

The stone shape is another choice to be made. This can be princess cut, round, square, or even shaped like a heart. Ask the jeweler for recommendations in what is trending at the time. A number of smaller stones can be placed around a larger one if desired. An entire bridal set can be purchased as well.

Some people like using colored stones instead of traditional diamonds. Emeralds, rubies, or onyx are all trendy stone choices that look spectacular when surrounded by smaller diamonds in the setting.

Contact us to find out more information about finding the perfect engagement ring. Someone would be available to answer questions or a trip to the store can be taken to look at samples of jewelry in Clifton NJ available. A personal consultant would be able to assist in the selection of the perfect ring.

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