Perks to Look for with Business Banking in Maryville

Your personal and business finances should be separate accounts. This helps keep the accounting process in line for your business. Opening a checking account is a common practice for any business. It gives you a resource for paying bills and for depositing income from your sales. Not all business banking accounts are the same though, so look for those offering plenty of perks.

Free Checking

When it comes to business banking, the number of transactions per month can grow and grow. You don’t want to be billed if you have more deposits or overall transactions than the account allows for free. Look for a completely free business account, so you can freely do your business without worrying about the total amount of transactions. Various fees for a checking account just cut into the profits of your business. It doesn’t matter if they are only a few dollars; it all adds up.

Business checks are different from personal checks due to the information on them. As the owner of the business, you can decide what information goes on the checks. You may have to provide documents that prove you have registered a given business name. If you have an EIN from the IRS, then that information can also be used for the account.

Authorized Representatives

With business banking in Maryville, you may have employees who take care of the bills for you. They should be added to your account as an authorized representative. Otherwise, their signatures aren’t going to be valid on checks they have signed.

You may decide you would like to put safeguards in place that restrict the dollar amount of any given check on the account. For checks over a given amount, they must have your approval or the approval of a second person for the company. This is a type of check-and-balance system used to deter in-house fraud. Talk to the bank about such safeguards to see what can be done to always protect your business checking account.

Customer Service

You need a business banking service provider who will take the time to answer your questions and help you. Down the road, you may decide you would like to apply for other types of accounts they offer. This could be a business loan or a line of credit. They should be able to explain to you the different choices you have and the application process.

Get to know the people working at the bank where you have your business account. It is important that you can work closely with them. As your business grows, your needs may change. They should offer you the flexibility you will need to always ensure your account is exactly what your business needs at that point in time. Click here for more information.

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