Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho Supplies A Growing Industry

During the winter time, there are many methods of heating one’s home. For northern and Midwestern states, one popular method of home heat is wood pellet stoves. This type of fuel is much more efficient than traditional firewood. Wood pellets are made of compressed sawdust and other wood waste from sawmills. There are several Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho area.Pellet Mills provide an alternative to using fossil fuels such as number 2 oil. The operation of a pellet mill is more efficient than oil refineries and reduces pollution. Biomass pellets can provide combustion efficiency at 85%. The use of wood pellets for heating has been on the rise since 2005.Flat die mills and ring die mills make up the two most common types of pellet mills.

On a flat die mill, powder material is filled from the top of the die and is compressed as the die turns. As the powder is pressed through the holes at the bottom of the die, there are cutters on the other side that cuts the pellets loose. Ring type dies has a slot throughout the die. The powder fills the inside of the die and spreaders evenly spreads the powder. Once even, there are rollers that compress the material. Once compressed, there are cutters that cut the pellets free from the outside.Large-scale pellet mills can produce animal pellets, fuel pellets and wood pellets. These mills are usually constructed near sawmills and other agricultural plants. There are many parts that go into a pellet plant.

The main component is of course the pellet mill. Then you will need wood chips and sawdust dryer, a conveyor system, steam generations and pellet cooling equipment is some of the needed equipment. The operation of a pellet plant is fairly simple.For construction of new Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho, there are several companies that specialize in Pellet Mills. These types of plants are not as costly to build as other types of manufacturing plants. The wood and biomass pellet industry continues to grow as home heating need increases to new levels. The cost of wood pellets may be increases, but still more cost efficient than traditional firewood.

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