Patio Misting Fans: Selecting The Best Option

If you have a patio, you are well aware of the desire on those hot, humid days or evenings to cool things down to bearable. One way to make certain you can do this is through the purchasing of some form of misting system. Depending on the size and location of your patio, you may find your purposes best suited by a mist fan. Patio misting fans are more than capable of providing your guests, family and friends with exactly what they want in those unbearably hot and humid times.

Why Choose Patio Misting Fans?

Misting fans are extremely popular for both residential and commercial mist cooling applications.

Misting fans are great for keeping unwanted bugs and insects away while you sit on your patio since they do not like the breeze that comes from the fan or the slight noise generated from the fan blades.

Types of Patio Misting Fans

You can find different models and types of patio misting fans online and in retail outlets. They may be portable. This will make them easier to position in various locations on and about your patio. You can also consider whether it is in your best interest to buy one with brackets and fasten it to the wall or have a truly portable unit. This type of patio misting fan can and does stand alone, placed on a pedestal or similar device.

Another way, one that will actually determine what the quality of the mist is – and the mist determines how effective it can be, is to look at the water pressure used by each of the patio misting fans.

* Low Pressure: These are usually the least expensive of the types of misting fans. They often come in kit form. They can be hooked up and quickly utilized. While they are effective in reducing the humidity and cooling off your patio, this type of patio misting fan may also make your guests a little damp in the process.

* Mid or Medium Pressure: This is an option some individuals consider. While it may not be as wasteful in terms of misting properties as a low pressure unit, it still will not provide as high a quality misting experience as a high pressure unit will and does.

* High Pressure: High pressure patio misting fans will cool the air more efficiently and effectively than either than low or medium pressure water misters. Little to no water droplets are allowed to land in puddles on the ground or fall on your guests or yourself and family

It, therefore, is important to remember certain basic facts about patio misting fans when considering a purchase. Keep in mind that the higher the pressure, the finer the misting. Thus, while many low and medium pressure patio misting fans provide adequate cooling and do relieve the humidity, high pressure systems are the most effective.

In essence, when looking at patio misting fans, make sure you look at all the pertinent information. This includes, size, water power, manufacturer and model. Be sure you consider the size of your patio as well as the type of mist experience you wish your guests to experience. In the end, if you consider that the higher the water pressure, the finer the spray, perhaps it is in everyone’s best interests if you seriously consider the line of high pressure patio misting fans over all the rest.

Sitting out on the patio on a hot summer day just got better. Patio Misting Fans can provide you, your guests and/or customers with the ideal environment. To learn more about how our qualified and skilled staff can help you find the right high quality product, contact us at

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