Parking Lot Striping in Meridianville AL Helps Prevent Accidents

Traffic flow and safety in parking lots are major concerns for business owners. Pavement striping in Meridianville AL is an effective way to manage these considerations. The right design not only creates enough parking spaces for all the employees and customers, but provides guidance on which direction they should be driving and which areas of the lot are off limits for parking. A fire lane is an example of a no-parking zone.

Keep Pedestrians Safe

Keeping pedestrians safe in parking lots is an important goal in pavement striping in Meridianville AL. Painted walkways leading from the lot to the doors encourage pedestrians to stay in those areas. Signage should be placed at those crosswalks to alert drivers they should stop and give pedestrians the right of way.

Sizing of Parking Spaces

The lot should be designed so traffic is not overly congested while also keeping space sizing at a reasonable level. When spaces are too big, obviously that limits the number of vehicles that can park. But spaces should not be so narrow that people are annoyed about the possibility of dinging the car doors upon opening them.

Driving Lanes

Driving lanes between parking areas are best if they can allow two vehicles to pass side by side in opposite directions, but that isn’t always feasible. In addition, this is not a concern in a lot with angled spaces, since the intention there is to have every lane be one way only. There must be plenty of space for drivers to safely back out of spaces, even those who are operating large pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Preventing Accidents

As unlikely as it may sound, businesses have actually been used after vehicle collisions and pedestrian injuries in parking lots because there was no indication about which direction cars were supposed to travel. Bright, noticeable parking space lines, arrows and crosswalks help a great deal to avoid accidents. The lot also looks more aesthetically pleasing when the blacktop is well-maintained and painting is redone by a company such as S & S Traffic before it fades too drastically.

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