Pallet Manufacturer in Wisconsin for Projects or Businesses

Pallet manufactures in Wisconsin will vary their products based on quality, size, and wood type. In Wisconsin, there are pallet manufacturers that sell any kind of pallet you need. Choosing which pallet is best for you will depend on your need for the pallets.

Businesses looking for to ship commercial products should carefully consider the size, type, and weight capacity of the pallets before making a decision. Pallets allow commercial products to be shipped in a stable manner but an incorrect pallet size or type could be disastrous.

If you are looking for wooden pallets for your garden, then select a manufacturer that does not spray the pallets with toxic chemicals to extend the life of the wood. The chemicals are used to keep the bugs out but can leak into the garden soil and contaminate it causing edible plants to be inedible. Projects which include a kitchen or outdoor dining and living areas should also steer clear of coated wood pallets. Most pallets will have some sort of stamp on them to help you determine if they are treated with chemicals.

The IPPC stamp placed on the pallet by pallet manufacturers in Wisconsin will tell you a lot about the pallet. The IPPC logo stamp used in the United States will have a tree with the letters IPPC on the right side of the tree. On the right side of the stamp will be the country code using two letters (U.S. for the United States) followed by the registration number of the supplier. Under the country code will be the treatment code (HT means “heat treated”, MB means “methyl bromide”).

No matter your need for pallet manufacturers in Wisconsin you can find the right type of pallet for your project or business.

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