Paint a Professional Edge Using Blue Painters Tape

If you are a professional painter or just like to paint your walls, then you probably know about blue painters tape. It is one of the most popular types of tape manufactured. It was originally created for professional painters to use for outdoor painting jobs because it could withstand UV exposure, temperature changes, and weather for up to 14 days without falling off.

Blue painters tape is used for painting a straight edge around windows, doors, corners, or any place you need a straight line. Painters tape can be used on multiple surface types. The adhesive backing on the tape is less sticky than regular tape making it easy to remove. It is guaranteed clean removal without leaving any residue for up to three days. Blue painters tape is also temperature resistant up to 250 degrees F. and offers UV protection. The tape is also resistant to bleed-through paint.

It is advised, not use regular masking tape when preparing walls, wallpaper, and wallboard for paint. Masking tape can lift off sheetrock paper and paint causing damage to the wall.

When applying painters tape, press it down all the way across. This will help to purchase a straight line.

To prevent the paint from seeping through, run a scraper or putty knife along the edge of the tape. This action creates friction, heats the tape and forms a barrier at the edge preventing leaks and seepage.

For best results take your time when applying blue painters tape. A well taped and prepared wall, will speed up the painting process and make it look more professional.

When applying painters tape, apply it using the best light possible. This will help you avoid missing any spots.

Always remove the light switch covers. It always looks better than trying to paint around the edges.

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