Overturning Myths About Minneapolis Granite Countertops

While the internet is a great place to find information, there is also a lot of misinformation available. This is true for anything related to your home and kitchen renovations, but it seems to be particularly true when it comes to inaccuracies about granite countertops.

To help Minneapolis homeowners in determining if granite is the right material for their countertops during a new home construction or the renovation of their existing home, here are some truths that will correct the misinformation you may read on social media or on some websites, blogs, and articles.

Granite Is Difficult To Maintain

The choice of light colored granite countertops is often reported to be a bad option as it will be easily stained with foods such as tomatoes, coffee, red wine and so on. Granite is a slightly porous material, but the surface is typically sealed, providing an invisible layer of protection that prevents staining.

Additionally, you may hear that the sealant has to be applied annually to any Minneapolis countertop. This is also not true. It will need to be applied based on use and other factors, but will typically last a few years. Applying the sealant is not difficult, and there are companies that will come in and do the job for you at a very reasonable rate.

Granite Will Look Dull Over Time

Just like any surface, if grease, soap, dust or spills that are left and not cleaned from the surface will eventually develop a film. Likewise, using harsh, abrasive cleaners and the wrong chemicals can also dull the surface.

To keep the natural shine and luster of granite countertops just wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth, that is all that is needed. For any difficult cleaning requirements, a small amount of specialized granite cleaning product can be used to bring back the shine.

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