Overcoming The Challenges Of Houston Office Moving In Downsizing

While many companies in Houston are expanding their office space and needs, other companies may actually be downsizing. This could be because of adding multiple locations and spreading out the staff, or it could be because of increased efficiency in using technology. Office moving in the downsizing mode is slightly different and can pose unique challenges.

One of the most difficult issues with office moving in downsizing mode is to try to determine what is essential and what is extra when it comes to assets, equipment and supplies. When you hire a top office relocation service, they may be able to provide options to assist you in either storing or auctioning the equipment and assets you no longer need.

Asset Auctions

Not all office moving in Houston has the ability to manage asset auctions, but they are a very good way to efficiently and effectively get rid of all those extra items. By holding the auction prior to the move, it also decreases the cost of the move and shortens the time required to complete the process.

With a very large company downsizing, it may be wise to hold an asset auction for your equipment and materials alone. This can be coordinated by the moving service, typically for a percentage as with any type of auction service provider.


The second option that an office moving company may suggest, particularly if the company will need the additional equipment or supplies in the near or distant future, is to consider off-site storage.

Moving companies with their own storage and warehouse facilities are a great option for this need. They can keep boxes, equipment, supplies and surplus materials and then when they are needed, all it takes is a phone call to have them delivered by the office moving company to your new location.

Another option to consider for storage with Houston office moving companies are hard copy records. These can account for a significant amount of space in an office, and by keeping them in a secure facility off-site, you can downsize without having to worry about finding secure record storage space.

It is very helpful when downsizing to talk to the office moving service you are planning on using early in the process. They may have several additional services your business can use to maximize your downsizing option well in advance of your moving date.

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