Outstanding Results with a Flooring Contractor in Windsor, CT

When it’s time to replace the floors in your home or when you’re in the planning stages of a new home, you’d be wise to work with a flooring contractor who will be able to provide exactly what you need. You don’t have to compromise on appearance or durability when selecting material for your floors. Work with a leading provider of flooring, a full-service company that can install, finish, and seal the hardwood so it will give you years of worry-free service.

Start with Quality

Choose an experienced flooring contractor in Windsor, CT so you start with quality and stay with quality. They will only use carefully chosen materials supplied by well-known brands so you will be making a wise investment. In addition, you can depend on the same professionals if you need refinishing service for your current floors and for your new floors sometime in the future. They’re experts at sanding and removing old finishes and stains.

They’ll make any necessary repairs; fix splintered, scratched or broken areas; and even take care of wood that’s been damaged by moisture. Contact us for hardwood sanding and refinishing, repairs, dustless floor sanding, color matching, and replacement of wood. In basic terms, you can depend on the same specialists to make sure that your hardwood floors are a key factor in the beauty and value of your home.

No Dust

If you’ve hesitated to refinish your current wood floors because you don’t want to deal with the mess, you’ll be happy to hear about a flooring contractor that offers dustless refinishing. They’ll use special equipment that keeps the debris contained, giving you excellent results without the dust and health issues. Make one call to bring back the unmatched beauty and the warmth of your hardwood floors. It’s the smart choice and one that will save you time and stress.

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