Outdoor Furniture Styles: Wicker or a Sling Chaise Lounge

Whether you are buying outdoor furniture for your home or for a commercial property, there are many different style options from which to choose. The style selected for the home is often a matter of the owner’s personal preference, but for use at an apartment or resort, the furniture should not only be stylish but durable as well. Here are two of the many style options you can choose from for outdoor furniture.

Resin Vinyl Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is always a popular style for outdoor furniture because it has a classic, timeless look. While traditional wicker furniture is made of wood, you can also buy outdoor wicker furniture made from resin. Resin furniture is virtually maintenance free because there is no need to repaint it, as the color doesn’t chip, peel, or fade when it gets wet or under the constant glare of a hot sun.

The cushions used on this type of wicker furniture are meant for comfort, but since it is used primarily outdoors, they are water and mildew resistant as well. The cushion fabric has to be able to shed water to keep the cushions from getting waterlogged, so it is often coated so the fabric doesn’t get wet under normal use or fade under the glare of the sun. Ideally, if the weather is going to be bad, the cushions should be stored or taken inside to keep them from getting wet or blowing away.

Sling Furniture

Another popular outdoor furniture style for either home or commercial use is sling furniture. With this style, a sling chaise lounge, as well as the other matching pieces, are made with an aluminum frame and covered with a fiber mesh fabric that is usually coated with vinyl. Sling furniture is not only a stylish option, but it is comfortable as well because the fabric gives just enough to cradle users as they sit or lay back and enjoy the sun.
The fiber mesh fabric is woven so it doesn’t get waterlogged, and it resists mildewing, which helps keep the furniture sanitary for multiple users at an apartment complex or a resort setting. However, despite being a popular style chosen for commercial use, a sling chaise lounge set looks nice enough to use besides your home pool. You can usually find the fabric in many color options for both commercial and home use.

These two outdoor furniture styles work well in either a commercial setting, such as a resort pool, or for your patio at home. They are comfortable, stylish, and hold up well to any type of weather. Since they are popular styles, you should be able to find them at most stores selling outdoor furniture.

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