Orthopedic Treatment for Elbow Pain in Elgin

Pain at the elbow could be a result of an injury, nerve disorder or joint problem. At Gitelis Orthopedics, we offer care for people with elbow pain in Elgin. Problems with the elbow are common in people who do large movements or repetitive movements with their arms. Conditions such as golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow are types of inflammation that affect the ulnar nerve and the tip of the ulna. In many cases, Dr. Gitelis is able to treat the pain conservatively with platelet rich plasma, braces and other non-surgical methods.

Elbow pain could also be the result of your daily habits. If you spend a few hours every day leaning forward on your elbows, the nerve and joint will experience a lot of extra stress and pressure. This could lead to chronic pain and inflammation in the joint. Dr. Gitelis offers patients conservative care and pain management as well as tips on how to avoid stressing the joint and to improve posture.

Injuries can also affect the elbow. A slip-and-fall could result in an acute injury. This could happen while playing sports or walking on an icy sidewalk. An elbow injury could also take place from contact sports or if you use poor technique. When a surgery is necessary in order to repair damaged soft tissue in the elbow or to correct a fracture or loss of cartilage, Dr. Gitelis uses a minimally-invasive approach. The full treatment includes pain management and post-surgical therapy.

We welcome new patients who are suffering from elbow pain and seeking treatment. Each of our patients receives a thorough assessment and a customized treatment plan for dealing with the elbow pain.

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