Orthodontic Procedures in Nassau County, NY Give You the Power to Set Things Straight

Multi-talented American stage personality Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” For those whose teeth aren’t as straight as they’d like, the path through life can be a bit uneven. Braces came into being more than 200 years ago as bulky appliances designed to align teeth and close gaps, but their first couple centuries on the market left orthodontic patients more leery of the cure than the condition it was created to correct. During the last couple decades, though, braces have branched out and become more of a norm.

Today’s orthodontic procedures in Nassau County NY haven’t actually strayed far from the principles responsible for setting the field in motion back in the 1800’s. That being said, advancements in technology, technique, and available materials have certainly led to improvements. Traditional braces consisting of metal brackets, arch wires and rubber bands continue to be the most commonly used although they’re not always the most popular among adolescents and teens.

For those who prefer a somewhat less drawn-out treatment plan, Damon braces may be the answer. Resembling traditional braces, these operate with slides rather than elastics. They’re said to give the teeth more freedom to move into their desired positions on their own rather than relying on periodic manual adjustments. Damon braces are also a bit less visible than their predecessors.

Lingual braces are another fairly new addition to the list of orthodontic procedures in Nassau County NY. They’re affixed to the backs of the teeth instead of the fronts. Frequently adjusted gentle pressure coaxes teeth into alignment from a less noticeable position than Damon and traditional braces. Though these are becoming more popular due to their almost invisible nature, the feature comes at a higher cost.

Invisalign didn’t make the scene until 2000, but its inventor is receiving praise from countless teens and adults in need of his contribution to the world of orthodontics. Through a series of clear aligners, this system gradually sets teeth straight. While the price of invisibility was once a deciding factor, the cost of Invisalign is now considered comparable to that of traditional braces.

Orthodontic patients now have a variety of options available for giving them the power to set everything straight. Though not all solutions are right for all cases, an answer is out there for everyone. Click here to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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