Options for Gum Disease Treatment in Henderson

There is both good news and bad news where gum disease treatment is concerned. The good news is that it is something that exists and that is often deemed quite effective. The bad news is that the longer you wait to get gum disease treatment, the more complicated and difficult it becomes. Additionally, if you don’t treat it at all, experts have indicated that it has been “shown to raise your risk of things like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, pneumonia, and cancer.”

It helps to understand why you might need gum disease treatment in the first place. Gum disease does not suddenly appear. It is something that starts slowly and often first appears as red and swollen gums or a bit of blood in the sink as you rinse after brushing. This is because it is an infection that inflames the gums and causes them to bleed if brushed or even rinsed.

It occurs because plaque along the gum line (where the teeth disappear below the gum) has started to create a harder form of dental plaque known as tartar. If ignored or left too long, it can trap bacteria beneath the gum. That is when things start to swell and bleed.

This can cause you to have chronic bad breath, and to cause the tissue of the teeth and gums to begin to break down. The gums might shrink, the teeth begin to feel a bit sensitive because the bone is exposed and slowly, the infection worsens and spreads. This is when you go from the mild form of infection known as gingivitis to the full-blown form of gum disease known as periodontitis.

Treatment is not at all complex, but as already stated, it can be challenging if left too long. And just what does gum disease treatment involve? It is designed to get that infection under control. It starts with a deep cleaning below the gum line and using special tools. Scaling removes the hardened materials and root planing helps the soft gum tissue to reattach to the tooth and prevent further bacterial build up.

If your gum disease has gotten a bit more serious, you may have some oral medications to help control infection, and the dentist may even use topical antibiotic treatments to help eliminate all of the surface issues.

If you fear you might have signs of gum disease and need treatment, just get in touch with us at Green Valley Smile Care and we can discuss options, including LANAP Therapy, the most innovative way of treating gum disease. Follow us on twitter

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