Options for Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi

If a home has doors that won’t close or lock, or if there are cracks between bricks, it may need foundation repair. Base and soil types vary, ranging from shallow, dry clay to deep, rich and dark. Soil can differ according to acidity, water capacity, and nutrient saturation, and all of these properties can affect a home’s foundation. A foundation repair company will review any issues and choose the right Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi for the customer’s needs.

Foundation Repair Options

There are several ways to do a Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi. Contractors have a staff trained to resolve any particular issue, offering the right solutions at reasonable prices. Homeowners and business owners should know the signs of a foundation problem. These indicators include those listed below.

  • Stair-step cracks between bricks

  • A leaning chimney

  • Windows and doors that stick

  • Cracks in floors and drywall

  • Porch shifting or settlement

Steel Piers

Contractors use several time-tested techniques to fix a sagging or cracked foundation. Steel piers are used to lift the home back to its preferred position away from weakened soils. These piers are beneficial because the portable equipment allows for installations in small areas, like crawlspaces.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are used to stabilize foundations in smaller homes, unstable basements, or deeper load-bearing layers. These piers are used where resistance to compressible force or tension is needed. They are steel shafts that support a variety of structure types, and they are used in places where some traditional systems won’t work.


Helical tiebacks can be used to bring stability to basement walls warped due to water pressure. These tiebacks can push walls upward or laterally, especially in colder areas. Anchor-type helical tiebacks are composed of a wall plate, an anchor, and a strong rod that ties it all together. The helical tieback is a cost-effective way to stabilize a wall that’s been pushed out of shape due to water pressure.

Foundation issues can occur over time, but they can worsen to the point where a home may be unsafe to live in. By hiring Ewing & Ray Foundation Service, homeowners can review their options and prevent a minor problem from becoming a major one.

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