Optimizing the Life of Your Reci Laser Tube

The use of a laser is crucial in a contemporary production facility. A cost-efficient approach for introducing laser technology is by using a flatbed machine that uses CO2 laser tubes made of glass. A glass CO2 tube is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to similar items. Usually, the tube lasts about three to 13 months. However, you can prolong its use by noting the information below.

Make Sure You Are Using an Original Brand

If you are purchasing new laser equipment, make sure that you know upfront the type of tube that should be fitted to the machine. Some unscrupulous vendors will re-label a defective tube as a Reci laser tube, which is normally a premium brand. Therefore, make sure that the tube you obtain — such as a Reci — is indeed the actual brand.

Sizes, and Wattages

You also have to check the wattage, and size of the tube. For instance, if you order a Reci laser tube that is 55 x 800mm, it normally is a 40-watt tube. Other sizes, and wattages follow:

* 50 watt tubes = 55 x 1000mm
* 60 watt tubes = 55 x 1200mm
* 80 watt tubes = 80 x 1200mm
* 100 watt tubes = 80 x 400mm

What Is the Manufacturing Date?

Always order a replacement tube from a premium brand, and a trusted supplier. You also want to check the manufacturing date on a tube’s rating label. It should be close to the current date, no more than eight weeks old.

Maintain a Clean Work Area

You may also want to see about fitting a milliammeter. Doing so will keep you from overdriving your premium Reci laser tube. In addition, keep the area where your work clean to prolong a tube’s life. Typically, about 10% of laser power is lost through mirrors, and lenses. When these parts are dirty, power loss increases substantially. This extra loss means that you either need to increase the power of the laser or reduce the working speed. In either event, the laser will work harder than needed, which also shortens the life of a tube.

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