Oil Water Separator: Two Common Types

Industries produce effluent of various types. Oil, grease and other contaminants can cause negative environmental results. To reduce or even eradicate the problems created by releasing such material, companies install an oil water separator. It removes greases, oils and even certain solids from the fluid discharge. These in-line devices are available in several types.

Two Types

Oil Water Separators are available in different types. Each is suitable for a specific application. The design, construction, and other elements make it ideal for use in a specific industry or for handling specific tasks. While at least three types of oil water separators exist, the most common ones are the following two

1. Coalescing plate oil water separators: The name derives from the design and construction utilizing corrugated plates. These plates and gravitational forces, separate the oil from the water. This type of oil water separator is ideally suited in two specific instances:

a. Permanent installation to treat a stream of wastewater prior to its release into the environment

b. To trade waste (e.g., bunds, industrial effluent, wash down facilities)

2. Vertical gravity oil water separators: They have the capability to handle a higher oil content than do coalescing plate versions. Their purpose is to speed up the naturally occurring process in which oil floats to the water’s surface. Vertical and standard gravity oil separators, as well as enhanced gravity separators, are in use by several industries to pre-treat wastewater. They are found in many commercial or restaurant applications as well as employed in companies utilizing refueling and wash-down.

Oil Water Separator

When it is essential to separate oil, grease and other contaminants from water, industries install an oil water separator. They select the specific type depending upon the specific application. For wash down facilities, for example, the better option would be coalescing plate oil water separators. However, for restaurants, a version of the gravity oil water separator would be more effective.

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