Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia PA Provides Supportive Treatment for People With Various Conditions

Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia PA helps patients improve their physical functioning, and sometimes their cognitive functioning, so they can accomplish daily living tasks and other projects they want to do. The therapy is often prescribed for children who have disabling disorders such as cerebral palsy and for adults recovering from debilitating injuries or illnesses.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

Unlike physical therapy, occupational therapy does not concentrate mainly on improving the function of a specific area of the body. It sometimes is approached as a more holistic practice. Whereas a stroke patient may work with a physical therapist to rebuild arm strength through exercises and other treatments, the sessions in occupational therapy include practical activity that the patient wants to master. For example, that might mean learning how to wash dishes with full use of only one arm and limited use of the other.

More Than Motor Skills

Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia PA covers much more than motor skills. An autistic child or teenager may be coached in learning how to manage basic social situations effectively. Some sessions might include pretending to buy a few groceries and pay for them at the checkout, or checking out and returning books from a library.

Adults who have suffered a debilitating brain injury may need to relearn certain skills so they can live independently again. Even if they can no longer drive or hold down a job, they may still be able to ride the bus, clean an apartment and care for a pet.

Children who have trouble with sensory processing benefit from sessions that help them identify where their arms and legs are as they move around a room. Youngsters who feel overwhelmed by sight and sound stimulation in normal life situations learn coping skills that allow them to function effectively. They learn how to relax and play with siblings and friends. Their quality of life is improved immensely.


As with physical therapy, occupational therapy at a center like Weinerman Pain & Wellness is fully customized for each patient. Similar conditions often have very different effects, and personalized sessions are crucial. Visit the website Weinermanpainandwellness.com to learn more about occupational therapy at this center.

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