Obtaining an Affordable Law Degree By Attending Night Law School

Has it always been your dream to be an attorney someday? Did you grow up mesmerized by such shows as Perry Mason, Matlock, and Law and Order? Is it your passion to help people, and to stand for truth and justice? If you are a hardworking individual and ready to make your dreams a reality, then check out Night Law School in Los Angeles, California and Visit Pacific Coast University. This unique law school makes getting your law degree in California both obtainable and affordable. It will enable your dreams to come true, and ensure a better future for you and your family.

Pacific Coast University is a Night Law School in Los Angeles, that makes it possible for potential attorneys to take classes while still working their full-time jobs. They have a complete curriculum leading to a Juris Doctor degree with classes that are taught by practicing lawyers and judges from the local area. The classes are small, capping at fifty students. This provides a sense of community as well as the ability to interact and learn in a more intimate setting.

Since the university is a non-profit institution, the tuition is quite affordable. Currently, tuition for the Juris Doctor degree is $6,000 a year. That rate is guaranteed not to change as long as the student is in good academic standing and remains continuously enrolled in the program. The Master’s program is a little more, but it is still budget friendly. Payment plans are available for students who are unable to pay the full tuition up front.

Pacific Coast University was founded in 1927 and has withstood the test of time – even managing to keep its doors open through the Great Depression. The school draws its students from a variety of backgrounds and work experiences. This in turn often influences the student’s specific area of legal study. Students graduate with degrees in such areas of legal expertise as personal injury, estate law, immigration, and family law. If you have aspirations of becoming an attorney-at-law, LA night law classes at PCU are a good alternative to traditional day school university and have turned out many caring, competent, and well-educated attorneys.

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