Nursing Home Neglect Is A Very Real Problem

There are some people who don’t know just how common Nursing Home Neglect is. It’s an unfortunate fact that there are some residents of nursing homes who are having unpleasant experiences. When people are neglected by those who are tasked to care for them, they can begin to feel like prisoners in the facilities they are residing in. Often times, neglect victims are too scared to speak out about the abuse they are suffering. Family and friends who make regular visits often don’t have a clue that something is wrong. There are some signs of neglect that people should know to look for.

It’s important to note that not all Nursing Home Neglect is the same. Some cases are more severe than others. As such, signs of neglect can be different. People who don’t get that many visits might end up being more neglected than those who do. If a person isn’t getting enough food and starts to lose weight, the lost weight will usually be noticed by visitors. They might start to ask questions. A person who doesn’t get visits won’t have anyone to speak out on their behalf about any weight loss they are having. People who think their loved ones are suffering from any type of neglect can contact The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel or another law firm for help.

Unfortunately, neglect tied to eating isn’t the only problem residents can have. In some cases, people aren’t getting the medical treatments they need. They might not have the right medications. When residents don’t have the right medications, they can suffer from pain or other symptoms of the medical issues they have. For example, if a person requires medication for severe arthritis, what happens when they don’t get it? The pain that severe arthritis causes can make a person’s day miserable. It might interfere with their rest.

Nursing homes are supposed to provide care to their residents. Abuse and neglect should never be tolerated. Whenever abuse and/or neglect is suspected, lawyers should be contacted so that matters can be thoroughly investigated. It’s better to be wrong about suspicions of abuse and/or neglect than to not act on them.

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