Non-toxic Floor Cleaners Ensure a Safe Home

The cleaner you use on your floors is the one that presents the most exposure to your family, so it is important that it be non-toxic. If you’ve never read the ingredients on your bottle of floor cleaner, it’s important to do so and to eliminate any cleaners that contain harmful ingredients like ammonia. Ammonia can make you feel very sick while you’re using it to clean and can cause lung problems with long term exposure.

Your family comes in contact with your floor cleaner more than any other cleaner in your home, especially if they walk barefoot in the house. That’s why it’s critical to use a cleaner that gets floors really clean without any harmful side effects. If you have pets, this is important for them, as well, as many pets will occasionally lick the floors.

Non-toxic floor cleaners will get your floors just as clean as more harmful varieties, and may even save you money in the process. Look for concentrated varieties that can be diluted with water. These products offer you a more cost-effective alternative, as you are able to dilute the product as needed, even reusing the same bottle. This saves money and reduces the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfills.

Take inventory of all the cleaners in your home to ensure you’re not exposing your family unnecessarily to harmful chemicals. There are safe varieties of every type of cleaner you use in your home that allow you to have a home that is perfectly clean without any worry that you are making your family sick. This is a simple change you can make in your home that ensures safety for your family, makes you home more environmentally friendly, and saves you a few dollars, as well.

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