New to Wearing Eyeglasses in Chelsea, NY? Tips That Will Make Life Easier

Hearing that the time has come to start wearing some sort of corrective lenses is not exactly the highlight of anyone’s day. Since there is the need to start wearing Eyeglasses in Chelsea NY, it makes sense to be practical about the matter. Here are a couple of tips that will help the novice get used to the glasses and, in time, focus more on being able to enjoy a higher quality of vision.

Invest in the Right Cleaning Materials

While the lenses used in most Eyeglasses in Chelsea NY are scratch resistant, they are not invulnerable. Don’t attempt to wipe the lenses with whatever happens to be handy. The best course of action is to keep lens cloths on hand. When they are not readily available, a plain brushed cotton handkerchief will do in a pinch. While many people use tissues to clean lenses, remember that the ingredients used to make the tissue may or may not create tiny scratches on those lenses.

Buy an Extra Pair

No matter how careful the individual happens to be, the day will come when something happens to the glasses. In the best case scenario, they will only be lost under a sofa cushion or hidden behind a piece of furniture courtesy of the family dog. Instead of wandering around the house squinting, keep an extra pair on hand. Once the spare glasses are in position, it will be much easier to find the missing pair and get things back to normal.

Keep in mind that extra pair will come in handy if the other glasses have to go to the shop or if they must be replaced. As with the main pair, the backup glasses should sport frames that are flattering to the face and be in line with the personal tastes of the wearer.

Don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong with having a pair of sunglasses made using the same basic prescription. Those will also come in handy in a number of situations.

If the time to start wearing glasses has arrived, visit Charlotte Jones Opticians today and take a look at the options for frames. It will not take long to find a couple of styles that look great, fit the contours of the face nicely, and will serve the new owner well.

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