New Aftermarket Car Parts Have A Lot Going For Them

When you opt to have your car serviced and maintained at a dealership you can rest assured that any parts that are used are original equipment (OEM) parts. If you shy away from the high parts and labor costs that are typical from a dealership, you can opt to take your car to an independent shop. The independent will usually use new auto parts in Chicago which come from an aftermarket manufacturer; is there anything wrong when they do this? Just because the part cost less does not mean it is inferior to an original; having said that however, there are times when using original parts is wise.

Aftermarket parts:

To define an aftermarket part: they are parts that are designed to suit a specific purpose on a specific vehicle but, they are not sourced from the vehicle manufacturer or dealer. If the aftermarket part is a direct replacement, using it will not void the warranty. There are many companies in the business of producing aftermarket parts; some parts are actually superior to their OEM counterpart.

There are many advantages to using aftermarket parts:

Less expensive: In almost every case, new auto parts in Chicago which have been manufactured by an alternative supplier are less expensive. The amount of savings that can be had depends a great deal on the brand and where you bought them. One caveat; if the price seems ridiculously low chances are it is a shoddy, low quality import.

Excellent quality: Aftermarket parts are the result of “reverse engineering.” In many cases, the manufacturer takes the opportunity to design any weaknesses out; the result can often be a better part than the original.

More available: If you want an OEM part there are only limited places to get it; dealerships. Aftermarket parts are readily available at almost any auto parts store, wholesaler or mechanic.

Perhaps the only time when OEM parts should be used is in collision repair. Body panels must fit perfectly and aftermarket alternatives may not meet the spec.

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