Need Moving Quotes in Atlanta – Check with the AMSA First

A quote, of course, is the price that professional movers charge you for their services. The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) shares their knowledge with you about what to look for in relocation services, and the all-important quote. Representing professional movers from all over the country, the AMSA is an organization offering certifications to relocation companies that meet their rigid standards. They teach the public how to find a reputable and professional moving company, and offer information packets on how to make your move successful.

The Quote
The AMSA states you should get no less than three moving quotes, and if one seems too low to be true, it’s probably a red flag. There are three types of estimates, binding, non-binding and not to exceed estimates. A binding estimate is a flat rate, but a non-binding estimate is based on services used and weight. The ‘not to exceed’ estimate means the final cost of the move will not exceed a set amount of money agreed up upon in the contract.

Choosing Your Quote
Choosing that quote is best for you is really where information from the AMSA comes in handy. In Atlanta before accepting a moving quote check with the Better Business Bureau, and look for the AMSA ProMover logo. Have your estimate was given at your home or office and compare your quotes carefully. Get your quotes in writing, and know your rights. The type of quote you choose comes down what services you need and the size and distance of your move.

How to Proceed
Search the AMSA website for the three companies to offer you in home moving quotes. Atlanta BBB will know if complaints exist, and also have reviews and reputations available for your convenience. Don’t accept phone estimates; the AMSA suggests in home estimates, in writing are your best protection. Also, the moving company is required to give you, ‘Ready To Move’, a brochure by the Federal government containing all written estimates for interstate moving. Also, check with Georgia Consumer Affairs offers for in-state moves.

The AMSA suggests avoiding large down payments rather than a smaller good faith deposit. Ask questions, get everything in writing, make comparisons and check out your moving quotes with the proper associations and organizations.

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