Moving Your Office: Employee Moving Tips And Responsibilities

If your Memphis company is planning a move, it is important that you, as an employee find out what your responsibilities will be. An employee moving certain items may be expected. On the other hand, he or she may not be accountable for any aspect of the company’s move. While some workers may not be involved, those who work in the office do.

Finding Out Your Responsibilities

As an employee, moving may or may not require your personal participation. There is no set rule. The only way to discover your role is to talk to your manager or boss. He or she can clarify your role. Your supervisor can tell you:

  • What you need to do i.e. pack the filing cabinet, clear out and pack your desk, back up and pack you any electronic equipment such as your computer
  • What you can take to the new premises
  • Whether you are to pack up your office
  • If you are responsible for clearing out, removing and transporting any personal items
  • If you are to shred any specific items or make copies of them

If they have placed on the amount or size of items you are to bring to your new office space – a blueprint or actual visit to the new premises in Memphis can be very helpful in this regard

You can only learn this information from your boss. Make sure you have verbal and written confirmation of your duties.

Employee Moving Essentials

Besides knowing what is expected of you during the employee moving process, you need to have other certain basic information. These are simply the facts:

  • The place of the move
  • The date of the move
  • The time of the move
  • The duration of the move

These are prerequisite if you are to plan your move in co-ordination with the office and employee moving company.

Employee Moving Tips

Tip Number 1: It does not matter whether you plan to start with your desk, a filing cabinet or other work surface. It is important you remove the clutter. Sort through and divide the items into the take, recycle, donate and shred. Pack only what is necessary

Tip Number 2: Pack items in suitable boxes e.g. files in those designed to hold files. Make certain you label each container clearly. Stamp, write or stencil on them the contents, your name, location and specific office number if possible.

Tip Number 3: Be sure to back up your computer. Place any important document in the cloud and on a memory stick or other devise

Tip Number 4: Always be sure the packing material is the right type. It needs to protect the items during the move.

Tip Number 5: If you have personal items such as photos or plants, take them with you. This saves time, and you may just want to leave them at home until your Memphis office is sufficiently set up.

By following these suggestions, you can help the office and employee moving company perform to its optimum.

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