Motorcycle Accidents Are Common And Costly

Drivers often don’t see motorcycles on the road. This was true long before drivers starting texting while driving. The most common motorcycle accident involving a car occurs when the car turns left in front of you, according to RideApart. The driver is looking for oncoming traffic in the form of a car, not a motorcycle, so he doesn’t see the bike and hits it.

Iowa has no motorcycle helmet law, not even for young riders. Without a helmet, riders have a much better chance of injury when hit by a car. The fatality statistics are pretty scary, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Summer riding

Summertime in Iowa is a popular time for motorcycle riding, and with more riding comes more accidents. Recently, a Keokuk man died from a collision with a pickup. The passenger on the back of the motorcycle was injured. Police cited the driver of the pickup with failure to yield.

Vigilance may be a motorcyclist’s best protection. Avoiding alcohol and distractions will greatly increase your chances of reacting correctly to a dangerous situation, insurance companies say. Any consequences of a bad habit while driving a car will be magnified on a motorcycle. Other common advice is to stay out of the center of a lane to help avoid rear-end collisions. Always give cars plenty of room, so you have more time to react.

Biker stigma

Larger cities generally have more traffic and therefore more accidents. If you live in Cedar Rapids, a motorcycle accident lawyer might be a good friend to have. Because of the negative stigma motorcyclists have and the perception they are speeding, can be more difficult for a rider to prove fault and receive compensation for injuries.

If you only carry liability insurance on your bike, you could be stuck with the bill for the damage to your property. A Cedar Rapids motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to most likely prove the negligence of the driver who hits your motorcycle because he has lots of experience with these types of cases.

More complicated

In the case of a car-on-car accident, the parties involved usually can just deal with the traffic ticket and insurance companies to reach a satisfactory conclusion, assuming no one was injured.

Motorcycle accidents usually are more complicated. If the police report and insurance claim don’t result in appropriate compensation for the injured motor

cyclist, a lawsuit may be the solution. The Tom Riley Law Firm in Cedar Rapids has motorcycle accident lawyers with lots of experience, and they can help you determine whether you have a case.

The Tom Riley Law Firm does not charge for an initial consultation and has motorcycle accident lawyers in its Cedar Rapids office who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Set up an appointment by filling out the online form or calling the office.

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