Money Orders Service is Great for Consumers Without a Checking Account

Though most individuals handle their finances electronically with automatic debits, electronic transfers, and online bill pay, there are still some individuals who handle their financial affairs the old fashioned way. For individuals who don’t have a typical checking or savings account, taking advantage of Money Orders Service can be a great way to handle all of your finances. Unlike cashier’s checks which can be quite expensive to purchase, money orders are affordable, easy to use, and very convenient.


Honored By Most Companies


If you need to pay rent, a utility bill, or pay for a product or service, most companies honor the use of a money order. You don’t have to worry about sending cash or a check in the mail, with the hopes that your personal information does not get compromised. Instead, you can purchase a money order and have it payable to a company or individual and send it off without any concerns.


Easy to Track


If you’ve ever placed a check or cash in the mail to pay a bill, waiting for it to arrive to the individual or company it is payable to can be like watching paint dry. You can never be sure if it was received or whether it was lost in the mail (unless you’re going to pay extra at the post office for tracking services). With a money order on the other hand, once you purchase it, you can easily keep track of when it was cashed. All you have to do is contact the number on your receipt and provide them with the money order number.


No Bounced Check Fees


Even if you have a checking account, you run the risk of bouncing the check if you have not properly budgeted your money. Bounced check fees can cost an upwards of $25, which can be a lot when you’re on a tight budget. However, with a money order, the funds are already guaranteed and paid up front. This means the company will receive their payment without conflict and you don’t have to worry about paying higher fees.


These are just a few of the many benefits of utilizing a local Money Orders Service to pay bills or send money. If you’re looking to purchase money orders, check for local American Check Cashers locations in your area. They have convenient hours allowing you to handle your finances at a time that is best for you.


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