Mitel Cloud Services in Fort Worth – Features and Benefits

You may not be aware of all of the components that make up your business phone system. In actuality, there are many different elements of a sophisticated, state-of-the-art phone system used for businesses. Below we provide an explanation of some of the elements you can expect with Mitel cloud services. Fort Worth is served by communications companies that are able to help you access the benefits of these services.

The components of a modern business phone system include the phone itself and associated hardware (including switches, data servers, data racks, cabinets, and routers), IT support, phone plans (i.e., data plans, minutes, long distance), and IT personnel (for administration and implementation tasks).

Comprehensive Mitel Cloud Solution

With an all-inclusive Mitel cloud services solution, you have a complete package of everything listed above for an affordable monthly price. As well, your communication service provider can support and maintain your phone system and have your data hosted at Mitel’s secure data centers.

You can expect the following services from this arrangement:

* Installation of state-of-the-art, high-tech, and easy to use phones
* Unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada
* Activation and integration of your mobile phones in the system
* Use of a web-based portal
* Around-the-clock customer support

Handling Catastrophic Connection Issues Easily

If you face a catastrophe with your entire data connection and network, your communications provider will be able to send your incoming calls to each user’s mobile device. Instead of waiting for the phone company to repair the issue, you can still access your incoming calls until the needed repairs are made at your location. This is part of the advantage you receive by utilizing this type of phone system with Mitel cloud services. A technical catastrophe that affects the connection your location does not have to entirely cut off your business communication. The cloud solution offered through Mitel helps solve this problem and ensures that your business does not suffer from unnecessary downtime and hindered productivity.

To learn about the additional reasons why making the move to a Mitel cloud service platform can be beneficial for your business, consider contacting your business phone system provider today.

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