Military Specs: MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating

In the field of electroplating, it is essential to have exact specifications. Whatever metals ort materials you employ as a base or coating, it is a given that the figures must be exact in all formulations. While the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) has its own set of specs, platers also utilize another type referred to as military specifications or “Mil specs”. In the electrodeposition process,MIL-G-45204 gold plating provides exact specifications for gold.

Mil Spec Plating

Mil specs ae not confined to documents issued by the United States military. NASA and national laboratories rely on these specs to ensure that platers and other finishers provide their components with the exact requirements they need to perform in situ. The specifications focus on the functional or engineering aspects. They are not interested in any decorative or ornamental qualities of the metals involved.

MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating

MIL-G-45204 gold plating is the “gold standard.” This has remained constant even though revisions and amendments have cancelled then reinstated these particular speculations. These particular standards define the process in terms of three qualities: Purity (type); Hardness (grade) and Thickness (class). All three types of gold are considered under these categories. Electrodeposited gold under the specifications dictated in MIL-G-45204 gold plating are as follows:

Type I

The purity of gold employed must have a minimum 99.7 %. The level of hardness is based on the Knoop Hardness scale. The grades differ within Type I. They are A (Knoop hardness 90 Max), B (Knoop hardness 91-129) or C (Knoop hardness 130-200)

Type II

The purity of gold must be a minimum of 99.0 % Gold Minimum, Hardness Grade B, and C as noted above. The Knoop hardness of Grade D is 201 and over

Type III

The purity of gold required is 99.9 % Minimum. The hardness grade as based on the Knoop hardness scale is only Grade A

The thickness of the gold is based upon the class. These range from Class 00 at a minimum of .00002 inch minimum to Class 6 at .00150 inch minimum.

The specifications are selected to meet the demands and the process follows the specifications to fulfil the requirements of the metal. If, for example, soldering is required, the thickness should be a minimum of .000050 inch. The maximum thickness of .00010 inch must be plated.

MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating

MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating supplies the exact specifications required for electrodeposited gold on metallic surfaces. The document, in its completeness, supplies clear and specific information on how a company wishing to supply components that meet Mil Specs can meet them. Simply out, the document titled MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating, is a blueprint to successfully complying with the specifications of many industrial and military clients.

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