Microsoft Certification – A Key to Today and Tomorrow

The High Tech Florida Corridor


The State of Florida has a well-known national and international technology span, known as The High Tech Corridor (“HTC”). The High Tech Corridor is a 23 county area which runs from Tampa through Orlando to the avionics suppliers on the Space Coast and up to include Gainesville and Alachua County. This HTC corridor is connected by three research universities, over 20 local and regional economic development organizations, 14 community and state colleges, 12 regional boards, and many industry groups and technology advanced companies. Many of these entities were once start-ups and have grown exponentially. Florida State is continually attracting newcomers who are appealed to the evolution of computer technology innovations and the Orlando and HTC skilled workforce.


The Microsoft Certification in Orlando and State of Florida


For this reason, a Microsoft certification training program in Orlando helps to prepare students to enter, entry level technology positions and as a continuing education course, it helps skilled workers to progress even further in their IT careers. Certified Microsoft instructors guide students through all of the course material in preparation for taking the Microsoft certification exams. This certification identifies qualified candidates in IT careers to prospective employers. Existing IT workers who are taking a Microsoft certification training program already have superior computer and technical skills and are previously familiar with Microsoft’s programs and platforms. While managers, students and business associates who are entering the certification course are informed how the program enhances their current position and enhances their future career path.


Microsoft Skill Levels


In Orlando, the Microsoft Certification course is constantly being updated to match the current computer technology advancements. There are three skill levels to this certification, which involves the following:


1. The Associate Level which contains the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (“MCSA”) certification. Candidates must prove they already have the necessary foundational skills to earn an MCSE.


2. The Expert Level is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (“MCSE”) which is the next level up from the Associate Level. These certifications are entered into with IT experts and developers with experience skill sets across the many Microsoft platforms.


3. The Master Level is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (“MCSM”) certification. The Master Level represents the highest level of skilled IT and IP workers.


Microsoft Certified Program Introduces the Cloud


Microsoft stays on top of the latest trends and updates for their Certifications accordingly. This includes the new certifications reflecting the “cloud” solutions. It is already known that many companies and organizations have a combination or mix of both cloud and on-premise technologies. Present day Microsoft’s certification training programs ensured students can work with a wide range of products and services within this mixed environment.


Developing IT Careers with Microsoft Training


The high tech bar is continually being challenged and raised to meet the demands of innovations, great and small. The Microsoft certification identifies individuals, noting that they are evolving in their careers as an IT professional.


Top Certifications Training (“TCT”) company offers leading training management programs for individuals to receive national and international industry certifications. Their motto is “Knowledge Conquers All” and this is reflected in their quality instructors and their skilled core team in the private and public sector, to ensure all the individuals who take part in their Microsoft certification program in Orlando, will pass and move onto a more rewarding and inventive career.

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