Medicinal Cannabis Availability In Illinois

Even in today’s so called enlightened times; there are still members of our society who see themselves as being on higher moral ground than most of the population. This gives them a somewhat anti-pleasure attitude; particularly in areas involving sex, gambling, alcohol and drugs – the whole “sex, drugs and rock and roll” thing. Although such people may be in a minority; they are forceful in their opinions and beliefs to an extent that they have a strong influence in having legislation enacted against their personal dislikes. They feel things must be banned in order to protect the majority of the population from their own actions – even when this is contradictory to the population’s rights to freedom of choice.

Therapeutic Cannabis

The plant has been around since the dawn of time and humans were quick to learn of its property to provide enhanced pleasures; lessen many health problems; and, even, increase spirituality. Unfortunately, as with many good things; even therapeutic marijuana use should be in moderation since excessive usage can lead to serious problems for the user. This has also been known a long time and has caused authorities in many places at different times to ban all use of the plant.

Efforts to restrict its usage began in the US around 1906. This notwithstanding; until recently; the plants grew like weeds throughout the boroughs of New York City. It was not until 1951 that a group of “right minded” citizens charged the Sanitation Department General Inspector with destroying the rampant “pot” farms in their City.

In the 1970 Controlled Substances Act; it is listed as a Class 1 drug making production, sale and usage illegal and subject to penalties. Efforts have and continue to be made to have it re-classified but, to date, all have failed.

Medical Marijuana

Federal authorities claim that it has no proven medicinal value; despite the many claims put forward by respected researchers that; even if it does not provide a cure; it can be very effective in easing the effects of many debilitating diseases and conditions. This has caused many States to enact their own, less draconian laws concerning controlled usage.

The Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act

This is one such State law and it is specifically aimed at production and distribution, through licensed dispensaries to suitably qualified suffers of certain conditions. In State Law, medical cannabis is legal in Illinois.

Greenhouse runs such legal dispensaries throughout Chicagoland and they are legally helping qualified patients discover How To Get Medical Marijuana in Northbrook Illinois.

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