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Launched in the year 2014, High Twelve Collection speaks to contemporary and innovative Masonic tastes. Their jewellery is made of the most noteworthy quality and is also akin to the craftsmanship of the world renowned artisans.

Their plans mirror the picture of today’s Masons who wish for remarkable pieces that speak to their character and taste. The pieces will be loved for future eras for example the Masonic Past Master rings. The fashioners of these rings appear to be extremely discerning of the materials and methods they utilize when making their adornments. They trust that their customers discover the ideal selections and also they anticipate aiding their customers when they choose to get that extraordinary piece.

Plan your fantastic Masonic Jewellery and Accessories with High Twelve Collection. They make custom bricklayer rings, Masonic Past Master rings, and artisan over skirts.
Recompense winning adornments fashioner and fourth era gem dealer Brother Eric Hanan founded this select Masonic determination “High Twelve Collection”. The collection features masonic adornment that has been painstakingly created to the most noteworthy principles. Their Masonic Past Master rings feature the adornments and items that are perfect as blessings or to add to your own particular gems accumulation.

Broad Mason Collection

They are satisfied to supply the finest in expert Masonic rings, Masonic Past Master rings, Mason’s cash holders, Masonic pins, Mason’s key chains, Masonic sleeve fasteners, and many more beautiful Masonic jewellery pieces. Their remarkable pieces are intelligent of the unique styles of today’s Masons and are ageless pieces that can be worn starting with one era then onto the next. Whether you are searching for the ideal Masonic ring, Masonic Past Master rings. Masons tie pins, custom Masonic Lodge standards, or Masonic banners, you can discover all that you need and more right here.

At High Twelve Collection, they are pleased with their exclusive requirement of value and the care that goes into every item and collection of gems. They comprehend that you are searching for quality jewellery that will withstand the test of time and they are satisfied to give precisely that. From Mason over skirts to Mason arm ornaments and Mason pendants, they have a far reaching collection that is certain to meet your tastes.

High Twelve Collection offers the experience and aptitude of 4 eras of gems artisans who can custom make the ideal Masonic Past Master rings to suit any need.
From specially crafted gold Masonic rings to the Masonic Past Master rings with either fascinating Gothic or cutting edge outlines, High Twelve Collection can make precisely what you are searching for. They are glad to offer their hand created rings throughout the United States.

Members of the fraternity who have a desire for beautiful Masonic Past Master rings can find it at High Twelve Collection. Place an order securely at

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