Marketing Your Brand with Custom Packaging

When it comes to marketing your brand, the visual component of your packaging is paramount– especially if you’re a startup. Unique and engaging packaging draws in customers and gives them a memorable experience with your product. And considering Business Insider’s confirmation that unboxing videos have become an incredibly popular, viral internet trend, you’ll want to make sure that your product offers an experience that’s up to par.

Dress it Up

Don’t use plain packaging for your products. Companies like Express Packaging offer custom corrugated shipping boxes and die-cuts, so it’s easy to get the size you need. And the outer packaging isn’t the only thing that’s important. Consider using colorful fillers like tissue paper in your boxes, and sealing them with colorful tape. Make sure to affix a label with your logo and information onto the box. You can also include things like custom thank-you notes for your customers, a free sample of another product, coupons, and business cards. Dressing up your package and including some extras will find you in good favor with customers– and ensure that they buy from you again.

Keep it Safe

Your packaging shouldn’t just be eye-catching and creative; it should also be durable. You should take utmost care in ensuring that your product gets to your customer unscathed. Therefore, your packaging needs to be functional as well as fun. Make sure you have the right size corrugated shipping boxes for your products, and that you include any necessary corrugated padding or dividers around the products in your box.

Make it Unique!

Above all, you’ll want to give your customers an enjoyable and memorable unboxing experience. Once you’ve settled on a design and logo, make sure that your packaging is uniform in style and theme. You’ll want your customers to recognize your brand on sight, and let them know that they’re in for a beautiful packaging experience and quality products. In the end, it all comes down to customer satisfaction.

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