Manage Chronic Pain with Chiropractic Care; Find a Chiropractor in Lincoln Park

Other than the pain caused by cancer, there are two common forms of chronic pain. Musculoskeletal pain is pain related to the joints, muscles, etc. Neuropathic pain is usually felt as a sharp pain caused by damage to nerves or tissue. The good news for chronic pain sufferers is that chiropractic care is readily available and is proven to bring relief.

Is Chronic Pain Common?

Yes, chronic pain is common, so much so that well over half of the people involved in a recent study reported they experience non-specific chronic pain. The majority of participants in the study report back, neck, and other joint pain. Pain in these areas can be caused by a physical experience or trauma; however, there are many underlying causes that can be dealt with through conservative care, such as chiropractic care.

Many forms of chronic pain can manifest itself in the form of headaches. Headaches, especially migraines, can be debilitating to the point where they are considered chronic if you were to suffer three in succession. Chiropractors can assess and identify possible sources of pain; chiropractic care can address the causes such as joint problems or muscular tension.

Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Pain

Chiropractic care can help alleviate pain as well as correct the reasons for the pain. Using various ‘hands-on” manipulations, the chiropractor can correct physical malfunctions as well as recommend lifestyle changes that will reduce the chance of the problem reoccurring.

It may take several visits to the chiropractor to completely alleviate pain and suffering. Treatment begins with a thorough examination and discussion; at this time, the location of the problem will be identified, and a comprehensive course of action will be determined. In many cases, manipulation, physical therapy, exercises, and diet are all employed.

Chronic pain can be managed with effective chiropractic care. For treatment, contact Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers in Lincoln Park; visit them at Like us on our facebook page.

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