Make The Most Of Your Patio Doors

Whether you live in a condo or have your own house, a beautiful set of patio doors can open up your interior living space and make your exterior patio even more a part of your home.

Today, more than ever, people value their outdoor living space and find ways to incorporate patio doors to bring in light, open up a small room area, or add to a vista view out onto a beautifully designed deck, patio or balcony area.

With a variety of different types and styles of patio doors you can create just the look you want in the interior and exterior space. Wood and glass combinations make a nice change from the traditional white metal or painted patio doors so common throughout the last couple of decades in home, condo, and apartment design.

The French Connection

French patio doors are always popular. The traditional mullioned look with clear glass is always in style, but to add a richer more French provincial look you may want to consider natural wood. Knotty Alder exterior doors with multiple 8 panes or lites in the design are beautiful while also giving a solid, substantial look.

Go Rustic

For a more rustic country home style of patio doors choose a wood frame surrounding either a chateau glass, large central panel or perhaps a Sierra or Flemish glass option.

Chateau glass is small diamond shapes with beveled edges to bring in lots of light while still providing a clear view into and out of the glass. Sierra glass has a frosted look with clear glass as part of the design. Flemish glass is rustic looking glass with a wavy, patterned look to the surface. It allows in a natural light while providing additional privacy.

Go Classic Elegance

French patio doors with a classic pattern in iron through the glass with rich, beautifully grained wood are the perfect addition for double doors to a balcony off the master bedroom. They may be French style and open from the middle or hinged in the center. These doors will allow in diffused light and provide optimum privacy while still having a classic, elegant look.

Choosing the right patio doors for your home can be a challenge. Just be sure to do yourself a favor and consider all the options out there before choosing the right one.

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