Maintaining Your Soda Fountain

When you own a soda fountain, maintenance is crucial. You need to make sure that your fountain is in the best condition at all times, and this can be done by performing simple maintenance checks every few weeks. A soda fountain is made up from several parts that include stainless connections, regulators, BIB connectors, Oetiker clamps and even the carbonator. If you notice that your soda fountain isn’t working to the best of its ability, then it may be time to replace the problem part.

Connections and Leaks

If you notice that your soda fountain is leaking from somewhere, then the problem may lie within your connections. This includes your stainless connections, BIB connector and Oetiker clamps. By making sure these are tightened and leak free, you can rule these out as an option. You should next turn to your BIB tubing. This hollow tube transports the soda to the machine, yet the plastic can easily be pierced upon impact. This tubing is fairly inexpensive to replace for all soda machines, and it is widely available from many industry distributors.

Pressure Gauges

Another thing you need to check is the pump and pressure regulators. If the soda isn’t coming through properly, then this could mean that you have a problem with your pump or your PRI/SEC regulator. The soda needs to be pressured in order for it to get through the tubing, so when you lose the pressure your soda may not come through the tap as fluently. By checking the pressure gauges, you can then rule this out as an option.


If your soda isn’t quite fizzy enough, then you may have a problem with your carbonator. There is no real way to maintain your carbonator, and if yours is faulty you may need to replace it. Carbonators are widely available to purchase from a number of online distributors. When you have purchased your carbonator, simply hook it up to your soda machine and secure the piping. This should solve all problems regarding carbonation. By performing regular maintenance, you can be sure to add years to the life of your machine. Whether you use it on a day to day basis or simply a few times a month, maintenance is crucial to the success of your machine. Contact local distributor to order soda fountain parts.

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