Maintaining Safety & Vehicle Security In Chicago With Auto Glass Repair

These days, any “windows” in the passenger body of a motor vehicle will be stamped in some way to say that they are made of safety glass. This does not mean that a thief wanting entry cannot smash the side window and open the door. Nor does it mean that the windshield will survive high speed encounter with a stone chip thrown up by a passing vehicle.

Steady Improvements In Strength & Safety

Originally, car drivers were fully exposed to the elements but it did not take long for carmakers to put a protective cab around the driver and any passengers. Of course, this cab had to have windows so the occupants could look out. At first, normal house window glazing was used but, this was weak and, if hit by a flying stone it broke into dangerously sharp shards flying towards the driver’s face – an unacceptable situation.

Tougher see-through materials were developed which reduced chances of breakage but the real breakthrough came with laminated and other “safety glasses”. Glass that will never break under “normal” circumstances is not a practical proposition but one that will only break in a “safe” way provides an ideal solution for motor vehicles. Such glass breaks but the broken pieces do not fly away.

Total Breakage Or Partial?

If the windshield or any other vehicle window is totally shattered then you have no option but to replace it at the earliest opportunity. However, if only subjected to a minor impact, the material might merely crack or show a small hole that probably does not pass through from side to side. Such damage can be repaired.

To avoid deterioration into total breakage, remedial action must be taken as soon as possible after the breakage incident. Methods involve sucking out any air that has entered the breakage and sealing broken space with specialty plastic materials. This provides a quick and easy solution but one that is best undertaken by someone with the necessary practical knowledge.

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