Maintain the Health of Your Trees with Arbor Care Services Around St. Paul Minnesota

There are far too many benefits to the inclusion of trees into a residential landscape design to mention. However, one thing that needs to be discussed is the importance of taking care of these trees.

Often times, people will concern themselves with their lawn, their garden and the shrubbery; trees are often neglected. While it is true that a tree doesn’t need as much upkeep as other aspects of the landscape design, there are times where trees may need more attention than they are currently given. This is where Arbor Care Services Around St. Paul Minnesota can be extremely helpful for homeowners looking to maintain the beauty and the functionality of their current landscape design.


Many times, tree care is as simple as doing a bit of pruning. Trees that grow without being occasionally pruned can begin looking quite off-putting to a quality landscape design. If looks are the only thing the homeowner is interested in, then trimming up a tree from time to time may be all that they’ll need to worry about.

However, trimming a tree is also beneficial to the structure of the tree. Should a tree grow out of control, it can become top-heavy and this can put more stress on the root system. Sometimes, this can cause a tree to be unable to support its own weight and this will put it in danger of falling over.

Soil Conditions

In addition, making sure that soil around the tree is conducive to the health of the tree will allow it to remain strong and sturdy for many years to come. In addition, this, along with occasional pruning can help discourage the introduction of disease that can kill a tree, even a large one, in a short period of time.

These are only a few of the things that can be provided by Arbor Care Services Around St. Paul Minnesota. If you’ve recently purchased a home and the trees on your property look like they have been neglected, you may want to contact an arbor service. A company like Timberline Tree Service can send out qualified professionals to inspect the health of the tree and provide it with any maintenance that it requires so that it will continue looking beautiful and complement the landscape around your home.

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