Maid Services in Irvine Provide Thorough Kitchen Cleaning and Disinfecting

Besides cleaning the living room bathroom and bedrooms, maid services in Irvine can also keep your kitchen extra clean. The kitchen is a catch-all spot for bacteria. Therefore, it is important that you utilize maid cleaning services to keep the kitchen spotless and sanitary.

Happily, using maid services in Irvine can make you feel more confident about the cleanliness of your house. After all, bacteria can cause viruses that lead to infection and sickness. So keeping the kitchen clutter-free and clean is important to your family’s health.

Foodborne Illnesses

In fact, you might be surprised by the number of areas in the kitchen that breed bacteria and foodborne illnesses – all the more reason that you should secure local maid services in Irvine. Handling food in and of itself can cause streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria to surface in your kitchen.

Kitchen Bacteria

If you regularly cook meat or poultry, then you need to be especially careful. Turkey and chicken are associated with such bacteria as salmonella and shigella, each of which can produce fevers, cramps and diarrhea. If cutting boards are not properly cleaned or you don’t clean a board after cutting meat, you can get very sick.


Vegetables and fruits that are contaminated can carry various parasites or organisms, too. Gadgets in the kitchen can also become contaminated through contact with pets, people or certain foods. Therefore, it’s important to wash your hands before preparing or cooking food. According to the Centers for Disease Control, cross-contamination of meats and vegetables can occur if the cook does not wash her hands first. This kind of contamination is the leading cause of food borne illnesses in the United States.

Countertops – Another Breeding Ground for Bacteria

The items in the kitchen that should be regularly cleaned include cutting boards and can openers as well as countertops. Countertops need special cleaning, as people not only prepare food on counters, they also place grocery bags on countertops and a variety of household objects, including towels, dishrags and sponges.

Therefore, it is important that maid services in Irvine use products that not only clean but disinfect, too. A kitchen can look clean, but if it isn’t disinfected, the germs that cause viruses or illnesses will still remain. Disinfectants come in a various range of products and may include sprays, wipes or liquids. Any of these solutions are helpful in reducing harmful bacteria and germs.

So when retaining maid services in Irvine, make sure you are dealing with a full-service cleaning company. Doing so is not only good for the health of your house, it bodes well for you and your family’s overall health as well.

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