Machine Alignment in Dallas Is A Key Component Of Maintenance

Checking and correcting alignment is an important part of machine maintenance. Misalignment causes parts to wear and break down. If you have a business that relies on machinery to produce goods or assists with labor, it is helpful to understand what Machine Alignment in Dallas involves and what tools can be used to perform it.

When two shafts are joined within a machine, the connection is referred to as a coupling. Coupled shafts are found in many common machines, like motors, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, and turbines, to name a few. Two common types of couplings are rigid and flexible. In a rigid coupling, the two shafts bolted together. Flexible couplings are joined with plastic that can absorb shock when the machine starts up. Both types of couplings require alignment.

In order for the machine to function smoothly, the two shafts must be precisely aligned to share their center line. One type of misalignment occurs when the two shafts are slightly offset, either vertically or horizontally. Another type occurs when one shaft is at an angle to the other instead of meeting it straight on. When rotating shafts are not aligned, more energy is consumed to force their motion. In addition, a worn out component could suddenly fly apart and collide with other parts of the machinery, resulting in a potentially catastrophic breakdown.

Problems in alignment can be diagnosed through the use of vibration analysis or laser alignment. In vibration analysis, a device containing sensors to measure vibration acceleration and rotation speed is attached to the machine. Trained specialists can analyze the data to detect problems in alignment and make adjustments. Misalignment can also be detected with laser sensors. These sensors attach to the shafts and collect data on the position of the shaft throughout rotation.

Both vibration and laser alignment analysis can give you precision analysis that will not only keep your equipment running longer without a breakdown but will also ensure the quality of work the machine can do for you. Machine alignment is a critical part of a predictive and preventive maintenance program. Contact us to learn more about Machine Alignment in Dallas.

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