Looking To Improve Your Smile? Cosmetic Dentist In Arlington TX Can Help

Dentistry is one of the oldest medical professions, dating back to 7000 B.C. with the Indus Valley Civilization. However, it wasn’t until 5000 B.C. that descriptions related to dentistry and tooth decay were available. At the time, a Sumerian text described tooth worms as causing dental decay, an idea that wasn’t proven false until the 1700s.

Dentistry is so important to the health of a human being. It can extend the average lifespan by many years. Not only is dentistry used to improve the health of an individual, but it is also used to help improve overall appearance and self-esteem. The Cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX can help with all dental needs.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gums and/or bites. It primarily focuses on improved dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. Types of services cosmetic dentist provide are implants, veneers, bridges, crowns, and dentures.


Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth; they are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Conventional dentures are removable. However, there are many denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants.


A veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth, veneers improve the aesthetics of a smile and protect the tooth’s surface from damage. There are two main types of material used to fabricate a veneer: composite and dental porcelain.


A bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace one or more missing tooth by joining an artificial tooth definitively to adjacent teeth or dental implants. A bridge will span the area where teeth are missing. They are attached to the natural teeth or implants that surround this space. The natural teeth or implants which support the bridge are called abutments.

If you are someone looking to improve their smile because of missing, yellow or slanted teeth, please look no further. Contact the Cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX and Find more information. This extremely talented and well-trained dentist can fix all smile related needs while improving your self-esteem.

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