Looking for Outdoor Lights, Find a Huge Selection in Chicago

The exterior of your home is no longer only about “curb appeal.” Many people see the area around their home to be an integral part of it, like an extension of the residence. Outdoor lights can make any Chicago home look and feel larger and more usable. There are many lights that can be tastefully integrated into the landscaping design. For instance, low wattage lights can accentuate a flowerbed or walkway. Exterior lighting can illuminate a patio, deck, or pool area. Outdoor lighting also makes the area safer, and the residents of the home feel at ease during the night. Outdoor lighting also deters break-ins and entry attempts, even when the house is unoccupied.

Plan Your Outdoor Lighting

Effective outdoor lighting should create an inviting atmosphere around your home. The choice and selection of lights should also take safety into account. There are certain basics that should be considered when choosing the lights based on that area that you want to illuminate.

Main Entry

The lighting that you choose for the front door needs to do two things; help you to identify callers and illuminate your main door lock. Any homeowners in Chicago have chosen wall lights, one on either side of the door. Side and back doors also need to be illuminated; however, a single fixture is usually enough.

Deck and Patio

The deck or patio is the primary outdoor social space. To keep a harsh glare from hitting a person in the eyes, locate outdoor lights below the eyes. The height of the furniture cushions is about right. If your patio includes a grill, you may wish to consider task lighting.

Stairs and Walks

If your landscaping includes steps or stairs and walkways, deck lights are ideal. Choose lights that are not too bright, low wattage path lights using LEDs are ideal for lighting these areas.

The use of outdoor lights can make a big difference around your home. For a large selection of landscaping lights, security lights, patio lights, and more, visit Fox Lighting Galleries in Chicago. For complete information, visit http://www.foxlightinggalleries.com. Follow us on twitter.

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