Looking for Guns in Louisville KY?

Owning a gun is a right granted to all law-abiding Americans by the Second Amendment. After deciding to take advantage of this right and buy Guns in Louisville KY, it’s easy to find great options to fit what each person wants.


A shotgun is an excellent hunting and self-defense tool. Pump models tend to be the most popular, such as the Mossberg 500, the Remington 870, and the Maverick 88. Many can be purchased in different configurations for hunting and home defense, with varying barrel lengths and shell capacities to fit any task. Both the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870 have been used extensively by law enforcement and the military, giving them a track record that inspires confidence. Semi-automatic shotguns like the Beretta A300 are also available.


One of the top selling rifles right now is the AR-15 in .223/5.56. Many manufacturers, including Bushmaster, Rock River Arms, and DPMS Panther, put out reliable AR-15s that most people can afford. This rifle uses relatively cheap ammo and plentiful magazines, and can be modified in an almost endless variety of ways, with different grips, stocks, and other features. For hunting, an exceptional selection of budget models exist. Choices such as the Savage Axis, the Ruger American, and the Remington 700 come in popular calibers like .243, .270, .308, and .30-06, and can often be found in packages that include a scope. The Marlin 336 in .30-30 and other lever-action rifles can also be great for hunting. And of course, .22 LR rifles, from the Marlin 60 to the Ruger 10/22, are perfect for beginning shooters or hunting small game.

Handguns for Defense

Should a smaller gun be preferred, there are many reliable pistols and revolvers. The Glock 17 is legendary, and the Springfield XD has recently joined the ranks of popular handguns. For those who want a firearm that is easy to conceal for concealed carry, there are compact pistols such as the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and the Taurus TCP, along with revolvers like the Ruger LCR. Even a few ultra-tiny options are out there, such as the North American Arms Pug revolver.

Whether a firearm is needed for hunting, defense, or just for fun, take a look at the Guns in Louisville KY. There are many amazing models to please everyone.

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